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At The Candle Slinger

Candles to feel good about!

At The Candle Slinger, we’re committed to offering quality, unique products and unparalleled service.

What sets us apart from other candle makers? Our soy candles are highly fragranced, eco-friendly and come in a variety of popular scents.  We source the best ingredients for our candles with phthalate and carcinogen-free fragrance oil.  They are truly long-lasting, mood-enhancing candles that you can feel good about!

Our signature line of concrete vessels are very popular.  Each one is unique and carefully made by hand in our studio, one at a time.  The painstaking process of creating each vessel starts by mixing our own concrete matter, adding color, and pouring the mix into molds.  After four hours the vessels may be unmolded and set out to cure for at least two days.  Once they are fully dried out, we file any rough edges and apply a heat safe, eco-friendly sealer multiple times, allowing for them to dry in-between coats.  After the sealer has completely cured, it's time to pour the wax!  Because of the handmade process that goes into each concrete vessel, no two are exactly the same.  They make awesome gifts and add a beautiful touch to any home decor.​

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