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High Quality Soy Candles

Concrete Candles
Delightful Handmade Soaps

Karen’s Candle and Gift Co. makes highly scented soy candles and skin loving soaps.  We take pride in offering healthier products.  Our candles are made with phthalate-free fragrance oils, cotton wicks and all-natural soy wax.  This gives our candles a long, slow burn time with an exceptional scent throw.  We offer candles in many different sizes and containers including glass jars, tins, handmade concrete vessels, and tealights.  Many of our candles are specialty items including candles with botanicals and crystals, tie-dye candles, layered candles, and commemorative candles. We offer many fragrances to choose from including traditional ones such as Lilac, Mahogany Teakwood, and Apple Harvest.  We also have offer products with more complex fragrance blends and  some scents that are a little off the beaten track for those who like to experiment such as Monkey Farts, Reindeer Poop and yes, even GARLIC!   We also offer wholesale, fundraising opportunities, and custom designs.

Our signature line of concrete vessels are made-to-order candles in handmade concrete containers.  Each one is unique and considered a work of art! They are sealed with an eco-friendly heat safe preserver inside and out.  Vessels can be repurposed and kept as a planter, storage container or simply as a decoration.   


Our soaps are made with natural skin-loving oils and butters that provide a nice moisturizing lather.  We use skin safe fragrance oils (phthalate free!) and essential oils to scent our bars.  Many of our soap bars have unique designs using  natural clays, botanicals and mica powers.  Soaps are offered in many complex fragrance blends. 



Our History

Hi, I'm Karen! Karen's Candle & Gift Co. began with skills that were passed down to me from my father's candle making hobby that he had in the 1970's. After many months of testing (candle making is very much a science) a candle business was born in 2015.  I had already established a successful jewelry business where I make jewelry that focuses on artisan components, so I combined both into one venture.  In 2020, we changed the name of both businesses to move to a coherent title that more accurately reflected the products we offer. New skills are constantly being acquired, allowing us to keep our product offerings fresh and relevant.  Please check out our handmade soap section and stop by to keep an eye out for what's next!


Saugerties, NY


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