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A Bright New Year

I hope you all had a joyous Holiday season and were able to celebrate it with loved ones. For those who are missing loved ones this season, I sincerely hope you were able to reflect on the positive memories you have and to look for the small moments of gratitude that lift your spirit. We were able to celebrate with family and relish in the quiet aftermath of all the craziness the Holidays bring.

We are looking forward to a bright new year ahead at Karen's Candle & Gift Co. 2021 brought many challenges and obstacles, particularly supply chain disruptions. Despite the trials, we were innovative in our thinking. And out of that innovation came many new ideas. This year saw the birth of our amazing concrete tubs and tealight holders. These items quickly became best sellers in our line of candles. The feedback from customers was awesome! People loved how the vessels are 100% handmade out of concrete, how each one is unique and how they can be repurposed or refilled after they burn. Many customers sent us pictures of how they repurposed their vessel!

This year also afforded us the time to get creative with some body products, something I have longed to perfect. After many hours of testing in the lab, sugar scrubs and salty bath soaks were added to the lineup and customers responded with enthusiasm. Especially popular were our line of sugar scrubs. We sold many scrubs to repeat customers once they had a chance to try them out. They are perfectly exfoliating and gentle enough to use on the face.

Our lineup of natural soaps also expanded. We added many new fragrances and designs in our cold process soaps. These have become a staple that we offer. As customers become more eco and health concious, handmade soaps are a natural choice in body care.

We are truly thankful for all our customers. Without you, we would not be able to bring these products to life. We look forward to a bright new year, with more innovations, additional fragrances, new products and an expansive offering of our unique concrete products.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you and Happy New Year!!

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