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Ready to stock up on your favorites?

Hello Candle Lovers! I wanted to share some quick updates with all of you.

This coming weekend, August 20-21st, we will be vending at Hope Rocks in Saugerties. If you are in need of candles, please come see us at Cantine Field.

Since I don't work in the summer at my full time job, I use this time to catch up on soap and skin care making because once the fall arrives, it's all about candles! We are adding lots of new scents to our soap lineup. Some of my new personal favorites are Rose Quartz, Pink Peony, Bramble Berry and Nordic Night.

I also added a nice exfoliating salt bar. These bars are packed with sea salt and are perfect for whenever you want a little spa treatment. They leave your skin super soft!

I've also been making lots of concrete vessels. These are time-consuming to make as there are many steps in the process: Mixing concrete, adding colors, pouring into molds, letting the vessels harden, sanding them smooth, allowing them to cure, then finally sealing them with multiple coats of eco-friendly varnish. Each one comes out unique!

These are ready to be filled with candle wax!

In case you weren't aware, I have a small shop set up at my house during the summer. I don't do a lot of events in the summer because of the heat, so this is a way for my local customers to come shop with me. If you are local to Saugerties, you are welcome to reach out to me and set up a private shopping experience.

In addition to a private showing, I also want to remind you that I host candle parties too! Earn FREE candles by hosting your very own candle party!

Keep an eye out for my new fall/holiday launch happening around September 1st. We will announce our fall and winter lineup of candles which will include many of your favorites as well as several new fragrances you're sure to love!!

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